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A small selection of some videos I made some time back featuring the Akai EWI 4000s. Some of the patches were made by myself and others are from the standard factory bank.

The Stranger by Billy Joel

This is a variation on the introduction of a wonderful song by Billy Joel from the 70`s called The Stranger. The melodic part of the original song which Billy whistles I replaced with a sampled instrument called a cuatro which is a small South American guitar similar to the Brazilian cavaquinho. Lastly I arranged and played an orchestral accompaniment to conclude the music.


This track was recorded by the Sycondrian Tribesmen who live high up in the cool mountainous regions of Sycondria. The lead instrument is not dissimilar to the Flauta de Pan or Panpipes that can be found in South America. No loops were employed in recording this track and everything was recorded directly into Audacity using only repetition of playing. All of the synths in this piece are purely analogue.