The Sycondria Project

Sycondrian Sunrise at by Paul Finch Jazz Musician Woodwind Player Pianist Soprano Sax Baritone Sax Flute Akai EWI USB 4000s Jazz Classical Soundtracks Music for TV Film Pop Samba Bossa Nova MPB VST Instruments Virtual Instruments

For some time I had wanted to start up a musical project using a Science Fiction theme as the basis, thus Sycondrian images was born. There are currently five tracks completed but it is an ongoing project and I plan to continue expanding the musical side of Sycondrian Worlds to incorporate various musical genres and styles utilising both electronic and acoustic instruments. Sycondrian Worlds gives me an opportunity to work with some great Soft Synths which emulate some of the classic synthesizers of the eighties such as the Prophet VS by Robert Moog back in 1986, not to mention some fantastic Bass Sequencers and Arpeggiators including those based on the Oberheim Synthesizers such as the SEM. Other than Electronic Music there will be various tracks which will comprise solely of acoustic instruments or a mixture of both acoustic and sampled instruments.

Syco Rap

Leaving the city with the lights so pretty that really ain't no great big pity.
Living in a skyrise 900th floor that's just not my kinda score.

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Sycondrian Re-entry

This is the opening track of my Sycondrian Worlds project. Since the theme of the project is Science Fiction this gives me a good excuse to work more with electronic music. The track is meant to represent three stages of the journey back to Sycondria. Deep space, approach and re-entry and finally touch down.

El Cóndor Pasa

High in the hilly and mountainous regions of Sycondria live a race of Sycondrian Tribesmen who play electronic instruments similar to the panpipes. This song was learnt by the Sycondrian Tribesmen on one of their numerous voyages to another Solar System containing a small densly inhabited planet called earth.
El Cóndor Pasa was written by Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and popularised by Simon and Garfunkel in their Bridge Over Troubles Water album. The song is based on traditional Andean folk tunes. This recording consists of four parts. A brief two part introduction firstly on piano and followed by a short choral theme. The second part is the main theme of the song featuring the Electronic Panpipes. The third part is a free theme sung by the Sycondrian Male Choir in the Sycondrian language and accompanied by Pan pipes,the last part is an up tempo electronic version of the song.

Down At The Club

Down At The Club is a live recording featuring the Soprano Sax and is the second track from the Sycondrian Worlds project.