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I guess I was fortunate enough to grow up in a ground breaking era of synthesized music. The 70,s and 80,s saw great advances in the development of analogue synthesizers with a rapid increase in capabilities and massive reduction in size. Today we have fantastic software synthesizers such as Omnishphere from Spectrasonics which is capable of emulating the synthesizers of previous decades and much more.

Sycondrian Re-entry

This is the opening track of my Sycondrian Worlds project. After countless light years of interstellar travel the on-board systems disconnect the granular fusion from hyper speed and prepare the ship for the dangerous re-entry sequence to the Anda-Sycondrian atmosphere. The track is meant to represent three stages of the journey back to Sycondria. Deep space, approach and re-entry and finally touch down.


This track was recorded by the Sycondrian Tribesmen who live high up in the cool mountainous regions of Sycondria. The lead instrument is not dissimilar to the Flauta de Pan or Panpipes that can be found in South America. No loops were employed in recording this track and everything was recorded directly into Audacity using only repetition of playing. All of the synths in this piece are purely analogue.

El Condor Pasa

High in the hilly and mountainous regions of Sycondria live a race of Sycondrian Tribesmen who play electronic instruments similar to the panpipes. This song was learnt by the Sycondrian Tribesmen on one of their numerous voyages to another Solar System containing a small densly inhabited planet. El Cóndor Pasa was written by Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913.