Rock and Pop

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The Stranger

This is a variation on the introduction of a wonderful song by Billy Joel from the 70`s called The Stranger. The melodic part of the original song which Billy whistles I replaced with a sampled instrument called a cuatro which is a small South American guitar similar to the Brazilian cavaquinho. Lastly I arranged and played an orchestral accompaniment to conclude the music.


A lovely old song from The Eagles with wonderful lyrics. After recording the piano part I decides to make a full blown arrangement of the song. I added the lyrics, bass and acoustic guitar. Later I arranged the strings and choir and to finish off with added the very short lead guitar solo and drums.

A Canção (The Song)

Tocantins Music Festival Song A canção The Song This was a band we put together in the Brazilian state of Tocantins to enter various music competitions.This composition is by Rio Guitarist Ailton Yabeta who played acoustic guitar and featured Keila Lippe on vocals and myself on flute.