Jazz Fusion/Funk

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Andean Funk

Wind Envelope Technology Using Analogue Synths. This track is from a demo CD of mine which consists of a number of short tracks. Andean Funk was recorded using an Akai wind controllers with patches from the on-board analogue synth of the EWI 4000s and an external module as well. No loops were employed to make this track, only repetition of playing and the takes were recorded straight off into Audacity, overdubbed and then given a final mix.

African Chant

This is just a whole bunch of overdubbed flutes and the finished effect is something like a chant which is why I dubbed it African Chant. The flute is an amazingly flexible instrument, you can sing through it growl through it, overblow it, play harmonics and make a whole bunch of other sounds, effects and articulations by tounging and moving the position of the mouthpiece in relation to the mouth and of course you can just play it.