Contemporary Jazz

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Geléia de Morango:

Geléia is the Portuguese word for Jam and this music is the result of a couple of spare hours I had one Saturday to make this virtual and acoustic jam session. This is part of a planned series of tunes for wind instruments, bass and drums. I started off by recording the Congas and then laying down a loose jazz style drum track, after which I developed a simple theme on the upright acoustic bass, lastly I recorded the Acoustic part the soprano sax and overdubbed the slow bridge section with a second soprano.

Loch Doon

Loch Doon is part of a series of compositions that I am recording which I call Countries Of The World. These pieces are inspired by countries I have either lived in or visited during my life time, the first of which is Scotland. There are hundreds of Lochs in Scotland I don't know why I chose Loch Doon as the title for this music because I have never been there but that is the name I chose The opening sequence was contributed by Fiona Mackenzie a Scottish singer who sings unaccompanied in Gaelic, the second part of the music features the Soprano Saxophone.