Brazilian Music

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Garota de Ipanema

The girl from Ipanema is probably one of the most famous Bossa tracks of all time and is without a doubt Tom Jobim's most well known composition.


Wave is of course another Bossa Nova classic and nearly ranks alongside The Girl From Ipanema. Bossa is much less popular in Brazil than it was in it´s heyday but is still dearly loved by many people. This short track is from my demo CD.

O Grande Amor

Another pretty Bossa classic by Tom Jobim this time played on the flute.


Another Jobim Bossa played on the Akai EWI using an on-board factory patch. Breathy stuff.

A Canção (The Song)

This was a song composed by Rio Guitarist Ailton Yabeta and played by a band we put together in the Brazilian state of Tocantins, to enter various music competitions. On this recording which features Keila Lippe on vocals Ailton plays acoustic guitar and myself on the flute.